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Jean Kirshner
I believe global conversations about how we raise the next stewards of the of the world is the most important work of our time.  I first stepped into these incredible classrooms of Belize in 2007 as first grade teacher. I have had the opportunity to work with incredible educators in both countries. For the past three years, I have been an education professor at the University of Northern Colorado. I continue to be inspired by students and educators across the globe. 


Chris Robinson
 I am nurse and am a House Supervisor of Nurses at Saint Joseph's hospital in Denver. I began my work in Belize in 2007 as a nurse on a medical mission.I cofounded Belize Education Project in 2008. Since that time I have traveled to Belize each year supporting educators in both Belize and the United States. I believe education is the foundation for our future. 

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Christine Kyser
There is a sense of humility that occurs when we connect with others across the globe and find solidarity in our shared passion for teaching. After teaching elementary students in Florida and Colorado, I joined the University of Nothern Colorado's School of Teacher Education as a literacy professor in 2014. I first traveled to Belize with BEP in 2022 and am so grateful for the opportunity to learn and grow with Belizean colleagues.


Sherilyn Flowers
The last career I ever intended to pursue was education.   Both my parents were teachers and I saw how hard they worked.  Twenty nine years later I would not change my job for any other.   Teachers touch lives each day and that is the biggest reward a person can get.  I have served as teacher, head of department, school counselor and vice principal and every task in education has been rewarding.  We continue to serve with love. 

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Clarita Valdez
As a teaching principal I can relate to every situation in the classroom. I walk in the shoe of my teachers. I have the conviction that every child has the ability to excel to their highest potential once given multiple opportunities to learn.


Ofni Nair Tzul
I am from Calcutta Village, Corozal District. My passion for teaching started from an early age when I began being an instructor at the Pathfinders Club in the Seventh Day Adventist Church. Later, I became a teacher at children's Sabbath school services. While seeing children accomplish goals, I felt this was my mission. Currently, I have eight years of teaching at the primary school level. I have most of these years in teaching standard six in the primry level. My recent accomplishment is completing a Bachelors degree in Elementary Education at Galen University. Teaching is not only a job, but it is also what I find joy and satisfaction in making a positive change in my community and to the world as a teacher researcher


Bob Anderson
As both a long time supporter of the Belize Education Project  & current member of the BEP Scholarship Team, I have been blessed many times to have traveled to the Cayo District  to witness the incredible passion of the students and teachers of both the area elementary schools and Eden high school since 2017. My professional background as a tax accountant has led me to serve on various philanthropic Boards in areas of education, social welfare and Olympic sports.  Although I have no direct professional background in education, my mother was an elementary school teacher for over twenty-five years and so understand the impact teachers make daily in the lives of their students.  It has been a gift to have meet so many committed teachers, school counselors, and principals in Belize and the many students who have chosen to made education their priority to further serve the community in their next step in life


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Christina Bergin

I have been a classroom teacher in Colorado for 23 years and have been a part of the Belize Education Project since 2015. Traveling to Belize with this team and welcoming Belizean colleagues into my classroom have been some of the most rewarding experiences of my career. Children and educators from every part of the world grow when they see beyond borders and form relationships, and I have grown incredibly as a part of BEP.

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