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As a first grade teacher, it is my greatest passion and joy to witness literacy unfold in young minds here in my Parker, Colorado classroom, as well as in children in a far away classroom in Belize.  Literacy is the key to a voice and to our human potential.  I have been teaching in the Douglas County Public schools for 16 years, and have taught in Chicago and Denver as well.  I have worked with Head Start teachers as well as teachers in a variety of Alaskan villages. While I have traveled to several Central and South American countries, my work in Belize is a first for working directly with teachers in a developing country.  It has inspired and changed me.

BEP President



I have been a registered nurse for 29 years. I work at St. Joseph Hospital in Denver as a House Supervisor. Most of my experience has been in the med/surg areas. My husband and I have two daughters and one son and a grandson. My first trip to Belize was with a medical mission in 2007. At that time I became interested in helping to bring books and supplies to the children of Belize after visiting one of their schools. I have been involved in the Belize Education Project since then. I have returned annually to Belize with the group and have enjoyed an ongoing relationship with the teachers and students we have met there. Helping to bring literacy to the children of Belize has been an amazing journey.

Director of Operations



To witness learning is to be in awe. The power of literacy to open doors, provide perspective, and inspire dreams should be available to each person. I have been teaching in Douglas County for the past six years.  My prior teaching experiences have taken me from elementary schools in Craig, Colorado to the University of Wyoming.

Director of Professional Development



I have been an elementary teacher in Douglas County School District in Colorado for 21 years.  I have taught second and third grades.  I currently co-teach technology so I am incredibly fortunate to plan, collaborate and teach with classroom teachers.  Each day I’m amazed at the technology work that students create.  My husband and I fell in love with Belize when we were there for our honeymoon in 2000.  Although I’ve wanted to go travel with BEP for many year, family obligations kept me at bay until 2012.  I was consumed by the eagerness of teachers and students alike who embrace our time with them. Literacy brought us together!  I am absolutely thrilled to be a part of BEP and I look forward to seeing where this adventure with our Belizean family takes us.

Director of Technology Development



After retiring from 39 years of teaching (kindergarten through 6th grade and as a staff developer), I am privileged to be a part of BEP. My support system includes a husband, a son, two daughters and four grandsons.  BEP recognizes the needs are many and resources few while also acknowledging that inquiring minds know no political boundaries.  This mission provides opportunity for children and adults to grow, not only academically but also in relationships.
“Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.”
~Wm Burton Yeats

Director of Professional Development



As an educator for the past 28 years, it has been my mission to provide all children with every opportunity to learn and thrive.  Education is the great equalizer. Literacy acquisition has the power to combat poverty, oppressions and inequality.  My teaching experience has taken me through all the elementary school grades and as an administrator I’ve had the joy to lead several thousand students through elementary and middle school.  By empowering teachers, students and parents, I am working to change the world through literacy.  Global literacy development affects all of us and I am proud to be an activist taking action to support the development of responsible, successful citizens that can be innovative and creative to address and resolve the needs of our planet Earth.

Director of Instructional Leadership



Arm in arm. Hand in hand. Heart to heart. This is how we journey together with our Belizian Brothers and Sisters in our quest to make literacy come alive for all the children of the world.  After retiring from 35 years of teaching, I am so very grateful to be involved in the BEP. Learning alongside these creative, resourceful, dedicated educators is one of the greatest gifts of my life.  I am blessed to be supported by my husband, Brad, and my two amazing daughters, Clancy and Kate.

Director of Professional Development


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