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Our mission is to improve literacy and education in the Cayo District of Belize, Central America.  In collaboration with Belizean educators, we strive to achieve our mission by providing needed books and supplies, scholarships for students, and continuing education for teachers.


Through a medical mission in 2007, a mission for education was born. A teacher went with the medical group, and found a connection through a common vision for literacy with a principal in Santa Elena. Through their common vision and passion for bringing reading to students in the Cayo District, others joined in the journey. The five focuses of reading with students, teacher education, family literacy, school supplies and scholarships for both primary and high school students were established. Since 2007, an education team has traveled annually to Belize to work with teachers, students and families. In addition, each year, we have brought a group of educators up from Belize to learn from classrooms and instruction in Colorado. Our mission of lifting lives through literacy in Belize continues.


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